Family And Friends


Chad Morgan performs 25 songs with his musician family members and good friends.



In this Brand NEW CD release, Chad Morgan performs 25 songs with his musician family members and good friends. Including: Chad, Boof, Amy, Dennis, Chad Jr, Allan, Janelle, Caitlin Morgan. And Friends: Nev Nicholls, Kevin King, Trevor Day, The Muirs, Eddie Tapp, Terry Gordon, Allan Caswell, Keith Jamieson, Alisha Smith, Jeff Brown, Gordon Larkin, Peter Simpson, Dianne Lindsay.

Track List:

1      It Shouldn’t Happen To A Dog – Chad (Slim Newton)
2      Aren’t We Lucky – Peter, Dianne (P Simpson, D Lindsay)
3      Winds Of Change – Dennis (VERA Griffin nee Morgan)
4      All Over Again – Chad, Trev (Trevor Day)
5      When You Say Nothing At All – Caitlin (R Keating)
6      Dance With Me – Terry G
7      The Ballad Of Bill And Eva – Chad, Shane Howard (Chad Morgan)
8      The Road – Chad Jr (Chad Morgan Jr)
9      My Scamander Valley Home – Eddie (Eddie Tapp)
10    Johnny Overload – Nev (J Bond)
11    Old Man Eyes – The Muirs (Jack Pledge)
12    Pettie Coat Rule – Chad, Jeff (Johnson)
13    Really Stupid People – Allan (Allan Caswell)
14    Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down – Eddie, Chad (Carlile)
15    The Dinkum Dill – Chad, Chad Jr (Chad Morgan)
16    The Old Mans Kingdom – Chad, Trev (Trevor Day)
17    Walkin Out With Someone Else Tonight – Boof (Keith BOOF Morgan)
18    Where The Hell Is Elsewhere – Jammo, Alisha (Keith Jamieson)
19    Where The Old Red River Flows – Kevin
20   Folsom Prison Blues – Allan (Cash)
21   Dew On The Gidgee Leaves – Gordon (J Gilmore)
22   That Old Blue Dog Of Mine – Dianne (Dianne Lindsay)
23   Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along – Chad, Janelle (Buddy Williams)
24   When I Smile Again – Ian (Ian Muir)
25   Anyhow – Chad Jr (Chad Morgan Jr)