‘Quarantined’ Songs the virus (and the knockers) couldn’t kill!

Chad Morgan is back with his brand new album ‘Quarantined’. Any fan of Chad would know that it would take more than a virus to keep this old dog down! Chad has really been missing the stage and playing live for all his fans, so he thought he would put together a new album to keep himself from going mad while in isolation at home. Songs for young and old, some old songs and some new ones. A special collection of 24 songs to keep you laughing through these tough and unique times.


Track List:

1      There’s Life In The Old Dog Yet
2      The Bobba Wobba Wedding
3      The Mongrel’s Revenge
4      Thank God For Greyhound
5      The Maiden’s Lament
6      If You Can’t Bite, Don’t Growl
7      Pickin’ a Plot
8      I Wish
9      One Of The Mob
10    Women Do Funny Things To Me
11    Don’t Drink The Water In The Outback, Mate
12    A Black Crow Flying Backwards
13    Sally, Let Your Bangs Hang Down (With Eddie Tapp)
14    Cuddlin’ In The Old FJ
15    Buy, Buy, Buy!
16    Here’s To The Ladies
17    Can’t Cut The Mustard
18    Raise A Little Cain Featuring The Late Allan Morgan
19    Black Man Jacky Jacky
20   Funny Darn Cattle These Women
21   Trevor Day: A King Upon His Throne
22   You Can’t Take It With You
23   Tough Cane Cutter From The Isis
24   Double Decker Blowflies